Who We Are

Tuodao Medical Technology Co., Ltd ("Tuodao") specializes in the design, development and application of surgical robots, and is committed to providing robotic solutions for medical users in all fields, and empowering the development of the intelligent medical industry with scientific and technological innovation.

Based on data algorithms, artificial intelligence, high-precision control and other cutting-edge technologies,
Tuodao has developed a core technology platform for surgical robots.
Tuodao strategically laid out five fields of surgical robot application, namely orthopedics surgical robot, laparoscopic surgical robot, percutaneous puncture surgical robot, natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgical robot and intraoperative imaging. Moreover, Tuodao has highly focus on the application of diversified medical and surgical departments, with rich surgical robot product pipelines in orthopedics, surgical department, gynecology, urology and imaging studies.

In the future, adhering to the corporate mission of "Making surgery simpler and life healthier", Tuodao will cooperate with industrial and ecological partners to form a full product pipeline layout, build Tuodao integrated remote intelligent medical center, and jointly shape the future of human health.


To be a leader of the surgical robot industry in China.



Three Pivotal Strategies